a participatory art project by Nathaniel Lieb and Sarah Nelson Wright

For CONFLUX 2010, Nathaniel Lieb and Sarah Nelson Wright will make 33 anatomically correct hand-cast plaster hearts.  (Thirty-three is the average number in a person’s circle of friends, according to a study). We will leave the hearts in public places around the East Village, hidden at points of interest in the built environment.  Some of the color-coded hearts will be given away at headquarters as well.

Each heart has six removable tags with instructions to give it away and this website where you can join in our project by recording the time and place of transfer and/or uploading a photo.

We will record reported hearts’ movements on a map as they come in, updating paths periodically, to see where the hearts travel, how they intersect and where they end up.

Keep your eyes out for hearts in and around HQ, CONFLUX events and the East Village all weekend. If you find one, please give it away and record your transfer.  Cheers!

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